Batman & Fiona

Details of the original hand painted artwork

Title“Batman & Fiona”
TechniqueAcrylic painting on canvas
Size40 cm x 40 cm (x2)
SupportCotton canvas frame


Canvas of black cat named Batman with blue glasses:

On this captivating canvas, Batman, the black cat, is depicted in an intriguing and unique way, sporting blue glasses that add a touch of style and character to his silhouette. His eyes, behind those glasses, seem to reveal a sparkling intelligence and a touch of mischief. His black coat is carefully painted with shimmering highlights, while the blue hues of the glasses create a striking contrast with his dark fur. The artist has captured the essence of this cat with a modern, elegant touch, adding an extra dimension to its mysterious personality.

Grey-brown long-haired cat canvas named Fiona riding her canine:

This canvas depicts Fiona, the brown-gray longhair cat, in a lively, expressive posture. She is captured in a moment of play or curiosity, showing her canine as a sign of her vivacity and playful energy. Her long, silky hair is painted with meticulous detail, capturing the rich shades of gray and brown that make up her coat. His sparkling eyes seem to express both mischief and playful joy. The artist has captured this dynamic and charming moment, highlighting Fiona’s mischievous personality.

These two paintings present cats in a captivating and original way, offering unique perspectives on their personality and character.