Cat’kura sushis

Details of the original hand painted artwork

Title“Cat’kura sushis”
TechniqueAcrylic painting on canvas
Size70 cm x 50 cm
SupportCotton canvas frame


The captivating scene of a moonlit night in Japan, where an elegant black cat dressed in a kimono gracefully enjoys tasty sushi. Under the majestic Japanese cherry blossom tree, the atmosphere is one of tranquility.

The feline sits peacefully, enjoying his culinary delights under the soft glow of the moon and the delicate petals of the cherry trees dancing in the night breeze.

In this enchanting painting, the black cat is captured enjoying his meal under a sky illuminated by a bright pink moon. The scene exudes an aura of mystery and tranquility, as the feline enjoys his food with elegance.

The moon’s rosy reflections create a dreamlike atmosphere, enveloping the cat in a soft, soothing light, adding a touch of magic to this peaceful mealtime moment.