Gadjo, cat acrylic painting

Details of the original hand painted artwork

TechniqueAcrylic painting on canvas
Size50 cm x 70 cm
SupportCotton canvas frame


A canvas depicting Gadjo, a European cat with a very colorful background created using the pouring technique. A captivating blend of vivid color harmony that highlights Gadjo’s mischievous personality. Shades mingle and flow, creating a dynamic, lively atmosphere.

The acrylic canvas of a black-and-white tabby cat is both elegant and striking. The colored background highlights the strong contrasts of the cat’s striped pattern. Shades of black and white are used to create an effect of realism and depth, capturing every detail of the cat’s coat.

The Gadjo’s eyes are an important focal point in the painting, with shades of gray or subtle highlights to bring them to life. The cat’s pose, meanwhile, highlights his “smooth talker” character and distinctive features such as his upturned ear.

The use of acrylic also allows us to play with textures, creating areas of soft, downy fur contrasting with smooth, shiny areas.

Blue, yellow, white, pink and black, these colors blend fluidly and organically, creating fascinating patterns and swirls.

Blue brings a sense of calm and depth, while yellow adds a touch of brightness and warmth. White is used to create areas of contrast and luminosity, while pink would bring a soft, feminine nuance to the whole.

Black is used strategically to create strong contrasts and add depth to the composition.

The overall effect of this canvas is both vibrant and harmonious, with captivating visual movement thanks to the pouring technique that creates shapes and patterns unique to each creation.